Cellular Checks Mobile Diagnostic Platform Cellular Checks provides real-world, actionable user experience insights for businesses to improve mobile performance.
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The Most Powerful Solution in the Market Today Cellular Checks is an all-in-one solution for mobile device testing. Easy for beginners with a codeless click-and-go interface and helpful wizards, but powerful for automation experts with a full IDE.
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Android & iOS Testing Suites in one Solution Cellular Checks provides complete diagnostic testing that assures the quality of hardware and software of mobile devices. Users can run manual and automated tests on all Android and iOS devices.
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The Most Powerful Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure Solution

Cellular Checks is a mobile diagnostics solution that enables its users to run complete hardware and software tests on their mobile devices. By using our solution, enterprises can gain actionable insights that can improve mobile performance as well as raise customer service levels by addressing complex issues in a timely manner.

The Cellular Checks platform provides a complete range of functions to detect errors and highlight issues that occur in Android and iOS devices. Customers use a web portal for real-time performance monitoring and reporting. Cellular Checks prepares enterprises for increasing challenges across the mobile eco-system by providing detailed performance visibility.

The Cellular Checks Advantage

Wide Range of Testing

Execute a comprehensive list of test functionalities.

GSM Device Check

Authenticate devices by running the IMEI checking test.

Error Proof Results

Automated testing for accurate on the spot results.

Friendly User-Experience

Easy to understand user interface with a focus on efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve service levels by identifying issues in a timely manner.

Enhance Productivity

Eliminate time consuming manual processes.

About Us

Cellular Checks is a mobile diagnostics solution that enables its users to run complete hardware and software tests on iOS and Android mobile devices. By using our solution buyers and sellers of pre-used phones gain actionable insights that improve overall device performance. Moreover, quick and accurate testing ensures better time management and increased productivity.


Skip Activation

Skip Activation

Increase efficiency by skipping activation screens using Cellular Checks automated testing on all Android mobile devices.

Android 10: Complete Diagnostic & Data Wipe

Processed with Cellular Checks
Processed manually

Cellular Checks Features

Cellular Checks is a complete Mobile Diagnostics Solution

Skip Activation

  •  Skip activation screens by running automated scans of multiple devices simultaneously, using Cellular Checks QR code.
  • Applicable for all Android mobile devices.

Mobile Testing

  • Check device connectivity through Wifi and Bluetooth tests.  
  • Perform touch screen tests to validate easy navigation across all screens.
  • Perform audio tests to check device speaker, headphone and microphone.

Automatic & manual setting

  • Identify issues with a combination of manual and automated testing.
  • To handle complicated use-case scenarios, Cellular Checks allows manual testing.
  • Perform errorless and swift automated testing.

Data Wipe

  • Fast and effective wiping capability. Ability to permanently erase data.
  • Compliance with international standards.

Label Print

  • Label format and printing option available.
  • Generate easy label prints with different styles to choose from.
  • Labels include specifications such as device model, FRP status, carrier name etc.

User Account

  • Users have access to their own account that provides details such as test status of all mobile devices, number of vendors etc.
  • Number of test licenses used.

Battery Performance

  • Run a battery health test on Android and iOS devices.
  • View details such as battery level, charging and connection status.


  • 360 view of device performance and test results.
  • Reports include information such as IMEI code, storage capacity and battery health.

Training & 24/7 Online Support

  • Our team is always ready to help you get started, solve issues and answer questions.

Experience it Now !

Do you have difficulty testing multiple USB connected mobile devices? Cellular Checks is a powerful phone diagnostics solution that detects errors and improves overall mobile performance. Compatible with all Android and iOS devices, Cellular Checks allows its users to run tests according to their diagnostic requirements. Moreover, the solution gives its users the ability to create different testing profiles, generate reports and identify device performance issues by having access to real-time statistical data.

Our Range

Device Configuration

Cellular Checks is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.


Cellular Checks enables its users to perform customized tests based on selected or created test profiles.


Our technical consultants are available to assist you in person, on call or via email.

IMEI checks powered by GSMA

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